Atlanta Considered Top 10 Most Exciting City to Live 2013

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Atlanta has made the cut when it comes to being in 2013’s TOP 10 MOST EXCITING U.S. CITIES to live, according to Movoto!

Thanks to its large population of young people, nightlife and vibrant music scene, Atlanta is known as the No.8 most “exciting” city to live in! Movoto explains, “Atlanta made our top 10 list despite having poor scores on its number of fast food restaurants per square mile and park acres per person.” The real estate website continues by saying Atlanta has “strong marks for having a young population, bars and music.”

The 10 Most Exciting Cities

Factors that were taken into consideration when determining what cities qualified included: 

Park acreage per person

Percent of population between 20 and 34 years

Fast food restaurants per square mile (the
fewer the better)

Bars per square mile

Big box stores per square mile (the fewer the

Population diversity

Movie theaters per square mile

Museums per square mile

Theater companies per square mile

Music venues per square mile

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