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Allstate Auto Insurance Customers…Are you sure you’re still in good hands?

Recently Allstate, the nation’s largest publicly traded auto insurer announced they will be increasing their auto insurance premiums by at least 25% (OUCH!) which will take effect May 22nd, 2016.

Georgia Insurance Commissioner, Ralph Hudgens, issued a consumer alert saying “the 25 percent increase is just the average”. He warns many Allstate policyholders they should expect a rate change as high as 58%!

We know it’s scary to think you may have to pay an increase of a $1,000 or even more for auto insurance. But rest assured there is relief standing by at Gillman Insurance Problem Solvers. Cindy Koegel and team can find the best replacement policy available, at a much more reasonable premium.

So if you insure your cars with Allstate, don’t wait to call the PROBLEM SOLVERS at Gillman Insurance about switching to another quality insurance provider. We will make sure you receive great service along with outstanding choices and the information you need to choose what’s best for you.

Don’t stress. Let us SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM!