Gillman Insurance Problem Solvers Included In IIABA’s Best Practices Study 2018

Gillman Insurance Problem Solvers Included In IIABA’s Best Practices Study Alpharetta, GA, July 18, 2018 – Gillman Insurance Problem Solvers retains its Best Practices status for the 3rd consecutive year becoming a part of an elite group of independent insurance agencies around the United States. This status comes by participating in the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA or the Big “I”) Best... Read Article

New Yorkers Moving to Atlanta?

ATLANTA IS TODAY’S “HOT” NESTING SPACE? Trulia, an online real estate engine, has been tracking where users are looking for houses and has compiled a report of the most popular searches from July to September. People living in some of the nation’s largest cities are looking at ours truly, Atlanta! This is good news for us at Gillman Insurance because the more homes and families we can... Read Article

Facebook Emails?

Like us on Facebook! Did you just get cozied-up to the idea of Facebook’s Timeline? Does it seem like every time you’re finally settled-in, Facebook comes up with yet another change? Well, you’re not alone! And it seems like the "if you can't beat them, join them" motto might be a good one to adapt at this point. Facebook is now pushing users to use their Read Article

Weird News: Man Stole a Chinese Delivery Truck… and Kept on Delivering Orders!

Our Georgia Insurance Problem Solvers assess risks and probabilities for a living. When we came across this story, however, it didn’t take much problem-solving sense to realize that this doesn’t happen very often. How's this for "weird news"? Police in Connecticut say a man named Keith Hinds stole a car that was used to deliver Chinese food. But instead of making his big get-away, the criminal proceeded to... Read Article

7 Challenges Successful People Overcome

Everyone wants to be successful, but what is it exactly that separates successful people from everyone else? There are many factors that make the distinction, but there are a few that stand out. A big characteristic of successful people is that they see problems as obstacles to overcome, not walls they can't get past. They are optimists who strive to be better and put the effort in to... Read Article