5 Steps To Follow After A Car Accident

No matter how diligently you drive, car accidents are sometimes unavoidable. It is important to know about the following steps to take in case you are involved in a crash. Step 1: Check Yourself & Your Passengers For Injuries If you are injured, call 911, or asked someone else to do so if you are unable. If you have passengers in your vehicle, check to... Read Article

Here's Why We Are The Most Chosen Agency In Metro Atlanta

Choosing an independent insurance agency like Gillman Insurance Problem Solvers instead of going directly to the insurance company is advantageous for many reasons. We’ve been in business for 26 years with a combined 80 years of insurance experience. We are a boutique agency, a one stop shop, and when you call us, you reach a real person. It's our commitment to customer service that sets... Read Article

Eye-Opening Roadside Statistics Explain Why Auto Insurance Premiums Continue To Rise

Even as automobiles are bundled with increasingly sophisticated safety features, roadside fatalities are rising. These findings begin to explain the confounding rise in roadside fatalities, despite additional safety features: 47% of motorists reported they are comfortable texting while driving, no matter how many well-intentioned information campaigns are launched. Insurers report the use of smartphones by motorists to talk, text and access the internet as a... Read Article

Driving Safely In Inclement Weather

The arrival of spring means a long break from icy, snow-packed roads and winter driving conditions. Although snow and ice may not be a problem during the warmer months, inclement weather can still cause hazardous driving conditions. High winds and heavy rains are common in the spring, and peak tornado season is during the spring and summer. Weather Hazards In The Spring and Summer During... Read Article

Secrets Some Insurance Companies Don't Want You to Know

via GIPHY Here it is - your insider look at the secrets certain insurance carriers don’t necessarily tell you about. Let us say, finding an honest, reliable insurance agency that works for YOU and not for JUST ONE insurance company is as lucrative as hitting the insurance lottery. One major benefit is letting you in on little (and big) tips that will save you lots... Read Article