Business To Business

When appropriate and relevant, we want to share resources with you, our clients. We hope these will be substantive introductions and impactful to your business. This month we'd like to introduce our colleagues at Newport Board Group, a firm of partners who assist business owners to achieve sustained growth, profitability and increased management efficiency. Founded by Doug Tatum, former CEO of Tatum LLC and author... Read Article

Life Hack: How To Clean Your Grill With An Onion

In honor of #NationalBarbequeMonth, here's our favorite tip to keep your grill clean... USE RAW ONIONS! STEP 1: Cut a raw onion in half. STEP 2: Rub the onion, cut side down, across the hot grill grate. (Use a grill fork so that your hand is a safe distance away from the heat. This only works when the grill is still hot.) You can dip... Read Article

The What, Why, and How of Rising Georgia Auto Premiums

Georgia's Auto Insurance Rates Our Skyrocketing but Why? What is happening? If you’re a Georgia resident with an auto policy that recently renewed, you’re likely to have noticed the spike in your annual premium.  Unfortunately, you are not alone.  Auto insurance rates are the highest they have ever been in Georgia – and some of the highest in the country.  Since auto premiums are growing... Read Article

5 Life Skills Your Kids Need To Know Before College

Skills to Master Before Leaving Home The excitement of a college acceptance letter can have teens and parents celebrating for weeks. But once the new semester approaches, many students may be anxious about leaving the comfort of their childhood home. Having a handle on these five essential life skills can help ease the transition. Learn to live on a budget. When operating on a fixed income, young... Read Article

What Documents Should You Shred This Tax Season?

Everyone always says that you should shred sensitive documents to reduce your risk of identity theft. but have you ever asked yourself, what exactly are “sensitive documents,” and are there some you should keep for a while before destroying them? What documents should I shred? As a rule of thumb, you should shred documents that contain any of the following: Account numbers Passwords PINs Signatures... Read Article