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burst pipe service lines coverage gillman insurance problem solvers

Many homeowner’s do not realize if a pipe bursts in their yard it’s their responsibility. Under homeowners insurance, any pipe damage within the home is, of course, covered. If any pipe damage happens in the street in front of your home, that is the city’s responsibility.

But what about the space between your curb and your home?

If a pipe bursts inside your yard and your homeowner’s insurance plan does not include service line coverage, you will find yourself paying thousands of dollars out of pocket for repair, including identifying the problem, to excavation, to repair.

Service Line Coverage will protect you.

service line coverage gillman insurance problem solvers
The alarming thing is, most homeowners insurance plans do not automatically include this extra coverage. That’s why when you choose Gillman Insurance Problem Solvers, you know we have your back. We are here to keep you informed of these extra coverages so you don’t find yourself in avoidable costly situations.

Are you protected from an unexpected leak, break, tear, rupture,
collapse or arcing of a service line? CONTACT US today to learn
how this product protects your home by extending coverage to the

  • Underground piping
  • Wiring
  • Valves
  • Attached devices that connect your home to a public utility
    service provider or to a private system.

How much does it cost?

Here’s the kicker, adding service line coverage typically costs no more than $50 PER YEAR!

For roughly $4.17 per month, you are saving yourself from a potential 10k+ disaster!

A tree root grew through a sewer pipe located on your
property causing it to leak. The sewer line was 300 feet long
and required a backhoe to dig up the damaged piping and
replace it. The cost to replace the sewer line was $3,500 and the
excavation cost totaled $8,100.

Total Amount of Loss: $11,600

An underground power line providing electrical service to
the home significantly deteriorated over time and resulted in
arcing, which interrupted electrical service to the home. The
underground power line had to be excavated and replaced due
to extensive damage discovered during the repair work. The
cost to replace the power line was $2,500. The excavation costs totaled $5,300.

Total Amount of Loss: $7,800

For less than $50/yr, all of this headache could be avoided.

CONTACT US TODAY and let’s make sure you have the most comprehensive homeowners insurance policy possible. 678-297-7977