Individual & Family Health InsuranceIt’s true: Many individuals pass on health coverage due to high costs. Fortunately, Gillman Insurance Problem Solvers can cater to you!

Passing on health insurance should never be an option. With our local insurance agency, you will find that there is ALWAYS a solution when it comes to coverage. Our Insurance Problem Solvers work to get to know you, your financial situation and your lifestyle in order to match you up with a perfect fit, comprehensive and affordable policy. Whether you live in Atlanta or elsewhere in Georgia, we want to get to know you.

The benefits of reliable health insurance are endless.

There are a number of reasons why health insurance is an important policy to purchase. It provides a great deal for protection when it comes to health care. It is no secret that medical procedures, medications and other treatments are expensive. With coverage in place, you should not have to worry about the next unexpected visit to doctor or emergency room. Health insurance can be designed to cover the cost of:

  • Doctor visits
  • Medication
  • Medical tests
  • Specialized care
  • Necessary surgeries and procedures

That’s not all – your health insurance options are numerous. Depending on your lifestyle, medical history, stage of life and more, you may be in need of extra protection and/or specialized coverage. Our agency can provide you with indemnity plans or managed care plans. If you are not familiar with one or the other, do not worry. We are here to guide you every step of the way. To learn about ALL health insurance possibilities, speak with our Insurance Problem Solvers.

For a healthy dose of coverage, turn to Gillman Insurance Problem Solvers.

We are always here to solve your insurance problems – whether that means educating you on your health insurance options or providing you with competitive rates. Our agency represents multiple insurance companies, allowing us to match your coverage needs with the best carrier available. No other agency makes it easier to secure the most reliable health insurance for less. To get started, please call our Insurance Problem Solvers at (800) 378-0766, today!