• BS

    “Cindy is awesome. Always responsive and finding the best value”

  • CA

    “Makes the effort to find me a better rate at renewal”

  • GG

    “Professional and Competent”

  • FJ

    “Very good, no problems!”

  • RC

    “Cindy Koegel offers fantastic service. She shopped for the best rates and is always available to quickly help with or explain any issue. We couldn’t be happier! ”

  • AB

    “Cindy is so lovely and made my experience seamless and communication clean and concise.”

  • PC

    “Very helpful”

  • PA

    “Personal contact is beyone expectation! Staff actually knows their clients and looks out for their best interests.”

  • CC

    “You respond quickly. I’ll be watching the premium increases ($40) this year for auto. If it becomes another allstate situation I’ll be shopping again or another company.”

  • KC

    “It’s been a long time since I have gotten such wonderful, personalized, prompt and accurate service! I HIGHLY recommend Cindy!”

  • CB

    “I worked with Cindy for my auto and homeowners insurance and I could not be happier! She was able to save my wife and I $900/yr! Her service was prompt and friendly and I highly recommend. I have a lot of friends who have experienced increased insurance rates in the state of GA, so I’m glad I found this agency to help investigate my options. I didn’t know these types of independent insurance agencies even existed! Since I became a customer last year, they have been on top of my account to make sure I have the best coverage at the best rate possible. Thank you problem solvers!

  • “Professional Insurance providers

  • KC

    “”Life” had happened and I was down to the wire as to whether to renew with our current insurance company whom I was not pleased with at all or wait another 6 months. I called Gillman Insurance and spoke with Cindy Koegel and was that ever …

  • ZZ

    “excellent services! ”

  • TF

    “I received great rates saved $200 per month. I recommend them to everyone. ”