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Uber has become a very popular way to get from place A to place B in recent times. Its simplicity and convenience make it very appealing to many people. However, one issue that is commonly brought up is on the topic of insurance. The problem is that many drivers are underinsured, and their personal coverage does not continue when they are on the clock. A new partnership Uber is making with Metromile could be the answer to this problem.

Metromile is a San Francisco based specialty insurance provider whose business model is centered on their plug-in dongle. Their insurance product works on a variable pricing plan on top of a monthly fee. When the driver is on the job they will be charged by the mile, but will stay on their personal policies while driving around looking for fares. These new specialized policies for part-time ride sharing could be the perfect solution to underinsured Uber drivers. California, Illinois and Washington will be the first states to make this new insurance product available in the next few months.

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