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Wondering what home trends are big in 2015? Here’s a list of what top interior designs are loving this year!

  1. Big, Comfy SectionalsGeorgia Homeowners: Are You Loving This Year's Design Trends?
    • Everyone wants a big, comfy sofa to plop down on after a long day!
  2. The Deep Blue
    • Blue has always given off a calming effect, so who wouldn’t want it in their house?
  3. Old Table, Modern Seats
    • Combining these two different styles can actually create a very cool effect!
  4. Black Window Sashes
    • Black draws your eyes to the pretty windows and even more importantly the beautiful outside!
  5. Vintage Tubs
    • Vintage tubs are an easy and cool way to add a little old-fashioned touch to your home.
  6. Libraries as Decor
    • …Or as their actual purpose!
  7. Pale Driftwood Finishes
    • This light wood is beautiful. Plus who doesn’t want a little reminder of the beach?
  8. A Taste of the Hive
    • Geometric hexagons and honeycomb shapes give both a modern and organic feeling at the same time.
  9. Four Poster Beds
    • These beds give a feeling of romance as well as privacy and sanctuary.
  10. The Statement Light
    • Whether the light is actually being used or not, these pieces provide beautiful decoration and contribute strongly to rooms.

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