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Three Adult Employees Stand and Smile at the CameraOffering benefits to your employees is one of the easiest ways to retain the best workers. In fact, many individuals cite benefits as one of the top reasons for choosing to work for a company. With the rising cost of health care, employees are looking for ways to get the protection they need in the most convenient way possible. With group benefits, you can offer the convenience, ease and simplicity of health insurance to your employees. And with Gillman Insurance Problem Solvers, you can get all that fast and easy, too!

For over 20 years, our agency has been offering comprehensive solutions to many different problems Georgia business owners face. Our mission is to make it easy to secure reliable coverage when you need it. And we work hard to be sure we can be not just your insurance agent, but your Insurance Problem Solver. Our experience makes us perfect advisors to business owners.

Group Benefits For Everyone

Did you know that group health insurance can cover the employer, employees and even dependents of the employer or employees? Gillman Insurance can work with you to secure the coverage you need, and find affordable premiums for you and your employees.

Gillman Insurance Problem Solvers offers a complete line of insurance and group benefits for employers ranging from group health insurance to life and FSAs.

As an employer obtaining a group health policy, you can also choose to include additional coverage for things like dental, vision, disability and more.

We will work with you to develop a program tailored to your individual circumstances. These products and services are designed to provide solutions to your personal and business financial needs, including: