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A problem created by one of your employees being injured requires an immediate solution.

Common workers compensation insurance problems we solve:

  • Guiding businesses with insurance solutions that meet state requirements
  • Protecting businesses with employees in multiple states by offering coverage that extends beyond state lines
  • Offering pay-as-you-go workers compensation to help with your business’s cash flow
  • Making you aware of deductible and drug free programs that can offer premium discounts

When you need to protect your business and its employees, you need insurance. When you want to be sure your employees are protected from an on-the-job injury or sickness, you need workers compensation. At Gillman Insurance, you can trust our Insurance Problem Solvers to find the right insurance solution for you.

But first, let’s start with the basics. In Georgia, in order for your business to comply with Georgia’s workers compensation law, you need to secure workers compensation, particularly if you have three or more employees, including part-time employees. In order to keep you compliant with the law, Gillman Insurance Problem Solvers will assess your risks, advise you on a strategy for protection, and secure the coverage you need.

Your policy will be customized to meet your needs, but in general, a workers compensation policy offers coverage for a wide array of things associated with your employees becoming injured or ill on the job. Such as:

  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Lost income/wages
  • Death benefits
  • And more…

Workers compensation exists to protect your employees from injury or illness, and to protect you from legal issues and costly claims. It’s a win-win!

And don’t forget, once you start a relationship with us, we’re your partners in this. Anything you need, you can call us.

With many workers compensation insurance carriers available, we help lots of Georgia businesses solve their workers compensation problem. Let us help you secure the reliable protection you need as quickly as possible. Call (800) 378-0766 or fill out the online form on this page today.

Complimentary Services

In addition to accessing the benefits of our Partners Program, ask our Business Insurance Problem Solver which of the following complimentary services you are eligible to receive with your policy:

  • Free Human Resources Consult via Small Business Hotline (Mon-Fri)
  • Two Free Background Checks & discounts for subsequent background checks
  • Free Legal Counsel via our Workers’ Compensation Specialist (Mon-Fri)
  • Discounted Small Business Resources Including: Drug Screenings, Motor vehicle reports, tenant screenings, identify theft and collection services
  • Free Social Media and Search Engine Optimization Resources