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A lot of people find themselves struggling to get enough work done during the day. 75% of the time during the work day there are actually no interruptions or distractions. This YouTube video lays out four ways you can increase your productivity causing you to be more successful.

The four steps involve taking chunks of time and making the most of them. Here are the steps laid out in writing:

1) Get up earlier. If you get up earlier and get work done before you even get to the office, you are more likely going to be motivated and to get tasks done.

2) Go into the office earlier. If you get to the office before everyone else then there will be less distractions.

3) Do hard work through lunch hour. Similar to going into the office earlier, if you work through the main lunch hour you will  have more time without other people and distractions. Not only this, but you will also be able to grab lunch quickly when it is less busy (either earlier or later).

4) Stay one extra hour after everyone goes home. Staying later than everyone else allows for more quiet time for you to wrap up what you have been working on and to make a plan for the next day.

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