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using phone while drivingAn article was published this week by the AJC titled, Commissioner silent as car insurance rates soar – Georgia again has nation’s highest increase , and there is no doubt this is effecting Peach State drivers, but why?

Ed Gillman, lead insurance problem solver, has identified the 5 main reasons why auto insurance rates are soaring:

  1. Bad Driving. Georgia drivers have long been considered among the worst in the country.
  2. Major road construction particularly in metro Atlanta has created even more dangerous roadways
  3. Distracted driving (texting, emailing, social media, maps, and even watching movies) Netflix is among the top 10 apps that has climbed to alarming levels of usage. Recent surveys claim 97% of drivers in the US use their phones while driving
  4. With lower gas prices and a stronger economy more Americans are driving more miles per year than in ever before
  5. The technology embedded in newer vehicles has increased the cost of repairs by 200% in some cases. A bumper without technology used to cost under $700 to repair but today that bumper with cameras and sensors costs $1500.

The bad news is, we need get used to the increases.
The good news is, we will possibly see a reduction in auto insurance costs once autonomous driving occurs in this country but that’s still a few years away, and won’t happen until there is mass utilization of driverless vehicles.

In the meantime, look at increasing deductibles and utilizing deep discounts available through telematics (automated driver tracking devices). These could save you between 10% and 35% off your annual premiums.

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