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It can take time for new drivers to get used to roads and highways. This is especially true for new teen drivers. New drivers should remember five tips to stay safe while on the road. Let’s keep the roads in Fulton County safe!

Always Follow Speed Limits and Signs

Always follow the posted speed limits and signs while driving. You need to do this even when you are the only person on a road or in an intersection. Never start speeding or breaking traffic laws just because you do not see anyone around. Another vehicle, a pedestrian, or wildlife could appear out of nowhere and cause a serious accident.

Minimize Distractions in the Car

Minimize distractions in the car while you are driving. Turn off phones and other devices. Keep music low. Ask friends in the car to be quiet and to leave you out of long conversations while driving. Minimizing distractions can help you avoid accidents, so you can help keep yourself and other drivers safe.

Pay Attention to Road and Weather Conditions

Change your driving style based on road and weather conditions. You need to go slower when roads are slick or when it is raining. Heavy fog means you should go very slowly. If a strong storm or other event happens, then you might want to pull over until it stops or delay the trip until later.

Completely Avoid Aggressive or Erratic Drivers

You will eventually encounter aggressive or erratic drivers. These drivers are accidents waiting to happen. You should completely avoid these vehicles. Allow them to pass, do not follow them and get off the road if necessary. This will protect you and your passengers.

Never Pass If the Situation Is Questionable

Never pass another car if there is any question about the situation. This means if you do not know what is in front of the car, if there are double-lines in the road, if the weather is bad or if the other driver is already at the maximum speed limit. Avoiding a risky pass can prevent a serious accident.

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