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Georgia Businesses: Have You Overcome Any of These Challenges?Everyone wants to be successful, but what is it exactly that separates successful people from everyone else? There are many factors that make the distinction, but there are a few that stand out. A big characteristic of successful people is that they see problems as obstacles to overcome, not walls they can’t get past. They are optimists who strive to be better and put the effort in to improve themselves. Travis Bradberry gives 7 challenges that successful people overcome that might stop others.

  1. Age
    • People always try to say that you’re too young or too old to do something. Successful people don’t listen to that. They figure out how to do what they want to do no matter their age.
  2. What other people think
    • Comparing your accomplishments to other peoples and caring what others think about every thing you do can be very self-destructive. Successful people look past that and don’t waste the time.
  3. Toxic people
    • Successful people separate themselves from people who will bring them down. Only surround yourself with people who will be positive influences in your life.
  4. Fear
    • Successful people don’t hold back when they feel scared of something. Instead, they conquer their fears and feel amazing after they do.
  5. Negativity
    • Successful people don’t dwell on bad things that happen. They separate themselves from complainers and push past the negativity.
  6. The past or the future
    • Successful people realize they can’t change the past and they can’t predict the future. Past guilt and worry towards the future are not a part of their mind set.
  7. The state of the world
    • Successful people don’t worry about bad things happening in the world that they can not change. Instead they focus that energy into improvements they can make in their life and world around them.

Overcoming these 7 problems is way easier said than done, but if you manage it then you will be closer to being very successful!

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