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It seems that the whole world has gone absolutely bonkers for the release of the latest iPhone 7 on September 16th (I admit I am a little excited too.) There are many questions regarding the newest edition. What’s the same? What’s different? Is it better? Is it more efficient?

Engadget announced that the quantities for the Jet Black iPhone as well as the other models are already sold out and they haven’t even been released yet! They said the wait for ordering online could be as long as five weeks! Madness I tell you!


There are plenty of new features in just the newest iOS 10 let alone the new model itself.

Those features include:

1.The phone Home app




Text messaging has never been  the same! Now you can send messages with fireworks, balloons, or confetti! Plus you can write personal messages with your finger or stylus (if you’re feeling fancy). And the emojis all got a new makeover!

3.The layout


Now when you get notifications it looks like this! ^^^ So sleek!

As for the new phone model it includes:

1.Longer Battery Life

2.A Brighter Screen

3.Splash and Water Resistant

4.New Home Button

5.New 12MG Camera!

6.Now Has a Built In Stereo! (FINALLY)

7.And Last But Not Least, New AirPods!


And with all that being said, I hope they get more phones in stock! This is a serious matter!