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Looking for a fun and refreshing way to bring a group of friends together for the holidays? Or for the perfect staff event? Or perhaps just a fun date-night out?

Look no further than Art & Beyond Studio! We are thrilled to have this client in our Gillman Insurance family, and find them to be “typical” in NO shape or form: they truly are Art & BEYOND! This local studio strives to explore a variety of genres and mediums to enhance creativity “beyond” your traditional drawing and painting. As a result, it has become a prime destination for metro Atlanta residents to explore their artistic side (which, if you’re like us, might be as hidden as a marshmallow in a snow bank)!

In addition to the fun adult events, such as the “Paint and Sip” (held weekly, Thursday-Sat), “Art on the Go” (Art & Beyond comes to you!), or other special event parties (Birthdays, Bachelorette, Corporate, Girls Night Out… You Name It!), the studio also hosts adult workshops! These workshops provide all students with challenging and engaging visual art enrichment programs to further cultivate their interest and inner knack for creative visual arts.

Visit for details or call 770-954-6102 to learn about all of the exciting holiday and/or other event offers they have available!

We couldn’t be more thrilled that this amazing establishment is one of our very own clients, and we look forward to a future of enhanced artist ability per attending their fabulous events.