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Atlanta was ranked one of the absolute best places to start a business in the country. What to know why?
atlanta city lights at night
Atlanta is ranked No. 5 for “Small Business Friendliness” among 40 cites across the country. Georgia was No. 6 among states. What makes our state and specifically the city of Atlanta such  great place to start a business? Well, Atlanta is the fastest growing urban area in the country. (Between 2000 and 2006, Atlanta grew by more than twenty percent!) Add to that the low cost of living and diverse talent pool thanks to Georgia Tech, Emory University, and Georgia State University, and you have an incredible place to start a business! was responsible for the study in partnership with the Kauffman Foundation.

“Small business Friendliness” was not the only category that made Atlanta shine! Our city also ranked No. 3 in Networking Programs and No. 5 in “Optimism about the Future.”

Atlanta’s Other Rankings? 

2011 Growth rate—No. 30

Current economic health—No. 26

Ease of starting a business—No. 6

Training Programs—No. 11

Employment, Labor and Hiring—No. 12

Hiring Costs—No. 14

Licensing—No. 14

Tax Code—No. 15


Health and Safety—No. 16

Zoning—No. 19

In case you were wondering–

The top five states for small business friendliness:

Number one: Idaho

Number two: Texas

Number three: Oklahoma

Number four: Utah

And number five: Louisiana

The bottom five states for small business friendliness:

Number one: New York

Number two: California

Number three: Hawaii

Number four: Vermont

And number five: Rhode Island