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Installing a home alarm system is something we may suggest to our Atlanta home insurance clients. Not only can it save our clients money on home insurance, but it can act as an extra layer of protection for all living situations.

National survey findings support the impression that homeowners have a lot of confidence in their home security systems. The survey revealed that 8 out of every 10 homeowners  rate their home alarm systems as “effective” when it comes to providing they protection they’re looking for.

Before you dial your nearest alarm dealer to schedule an installation, however, make sure to verify your area’s permit requirements and review contract clauses!

Here are the Alarm-Company “GOT-YA-S!” to watch out for:alarm system

1. Early-Termination Charges

Most contracts require you to commit to a time period, or specific term. If you end your contract early (for whatever reason) you could be held liable for up to eighty percent of the costs of the contract’s clause. (This can even be true even if you move! Make sure to read carefully!)

2. Contract Exclusions

Consumer investigations have revealed contracts that warn prospective clients that promises made my sales staff or ads are not binding promises if they do not appear in the contract. If you notice this type of wording in your contract, make sure you review what is/what is not included very carefully.

3.  Limited Liability

If there is a limited liability clause in your alarm company’s contract, they may be enforcing the notion that they are not responsible for damages beyond a certain amount (for example, $400 or $1,000) even if you suffer a break-in due to the alarm company’s negligence or failure of equipment/service. You might also be surrendering your right to sue the company for additional damages by signing the contract.

As your insurance problem solvers and risk managers, there’s one thing we can’t say enough—READ what you sign! That is the best way to stay protect when it comes to your rights.