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As your local area Atlanta Insurance Problem Solvers, we are always looking for ways to save you money. As you consider your holiday budget this year, we compiled a few tips to make your holidays merry without spending lots of money.

It’s best to prepare your holiday budget early, so that you can begin shopping early. Last minute shopping sprees can end up being a fiasco that results in over spending. When you start shopping early, you have more opportunities to take advantage of sale prices, special offers, and promotions. Shopping early means you won’t find yourself paying high shipping costs for quick, last minute deliveries. You will also have time to make adjustments to your holiday shopping list if you see that you’re getting close to reaching your maximum budgeted spending allowance.

If you are a meticulous record-keeper and have a list of last year’s holiday expenses, you can use this as a guide for creating this year’s budget. If you don’t have that information, you can try pulling figures out of your memory bank, or you can simply start with a blank slate and create your budget based solely on your current financial situation. Write down each person you plan to buy gifts for and put a money amount beside of their name. When you total it up, if it exceeds your financial ability, don’t opt to use a credit card to compensate. Either adjust the price you’ll pay for each gift or reduce the size of the list.

When budgeting for holiday entertaining, don’t attempt to bear the financial burden alone. Consider having guests bring items to parties. Use online sources for inspiration and DIY ideas to help curb the cost of entertaining. Check out sites that offer ideas for re-purposing items. You can get some holiday decor and party decoration ideas from these sites.

Be sure you don’t set an unrealistic holiday budget. The holidays are about having fun and making memories with family and friends, not about flamboyancy that can lead to long-term debt.
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