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If you had to pick three things to take with you on an abandoned island, would your cell phone be one of them? If you’re like our smartphone-friendly Georgia Insurance problem solvers, the answer is “Of course!

Pew Research recently conducted a study to determine just how addicted Americans are to their cellphones.

Not surprisingly, the study revealed that 29% of cellphone handlers say they can’t live without them.

Only 12% of cellphone owners said that others have told them they spend too much time on their phone. However, 39% of cellphone users say that family, friends and acquaintances will complain if they don’t answer calls or texts promptly enough.

Growing societal pressure to keep a mobile device on hand promotes device addiction. But when does this demand for constant availability become too much?

The study of roughly 2,250 adults also revealed that 67% of cellphone users check their phone for messages, alerts, or call, even without hearing a ring or sensing a vibration.

44% of mobile owners also admitted to sleeping with their cellphones so they wouldn’t miss any calls or text during the night.

Are you addicted to your cellphone? Ask yourself these questions: 

Do you ever lose a sense of time on your phone?

Are you often accused of being “addicted” to your cellphone?

Do you ignore face to face conversations in lieu of playing on your phone?

Have you ever had a panic attack because you left your phone at home?

Do you have any idea how to leave your home without Google Maps directions?

Have you ever felt a sense of idleness when none of your apps need updating?

Have you ever looked around for your cell phone, and then realized you were holding it?

Do you have any idea what’s on your agenda without your calendar app?

Do you know how to read an analog clock anymore?

Have you ever texted while driving?

Have you ever read an email while driving?

Are you reading this blog post right now while driving?

For heaven’s sake! Put down that cell phone!

Are you a Cellphone Addict? Take this online quiz from BuzzFeed and find out