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How to Make Your Home Look Fabulous!

Our Georgia home insurance problem solvers proudly present 2013 Home Décor Trends so you can live in a home that’s as close to your “Dream Home” as possible! We think you deserve it.

The first step to firing up your home décor plans to meet the trends of the season is setting a color pallet. Did you know that the color pallet tends to change each year? This is why after a few years without painting your walls look a bit stale. Painting and updating throw pillows with the color trends of the year will help things look updated without spending a lot of money.

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ca. 2001 — Businesswoman in Front of Doors — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Color Movements for 2013:

2013 colors are sophisticated and invite a more neutral pallet than we’ve seen for a while. Pantone predicts that neutrals will make a major comeback during this upcoming design cycle.

If your walls are painted the bright, standout hues of the past seasons, you may find yourself opting toward a more soothing backdrop as 2013 home décor trends flood media. Trendy accessories including standout lighting and furniture will be a big part of this seasons “hot items.”

According to Vicki Payne, in a recent For Your Home article, there are a few color specifics to keep in mind in 2013:

–       You’ll notice lighter blues and navy blue increase in importance

–       Leathery brown will become more popular as a basic

–       Olive is stronger.

–       Purple is back, yet again, in 2013!

–       Last season’s camel trend is evolving into cappuccino and creamy hues.

–       Yellows are less striking in 2013, and become softer and less sporty.

–       Reds are blending closer to orange.

–       Winter darks and berry colors are expected to be more mid-toned and less blackened.

We at Gillman Insurance agree that living in a space you love can make a world of difference! We hope you enjoyed learning about what the experts call the “2013 Décor Trends!”