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Time for a road trip? Does your car insurance travel with you?

A question that goes through many auto owners minds is “If I drive in another state, will my auto insurance come with me?” Well, here’s the answer: Yes. It is not quite as easy as just a “yes,” but the most important fact is that your coverage follows you nationwide. However, because each state has its own auto insurance requirements, there can be some adjustments made to your insurance while in other states.

The only time your insurance will be adjusted is if the minimum in another state is higher than what you carry. It will never decrease your minimum to match the other state. For example, if your state makes you carry a minimum of $10,000 in bodily injury, but the state you are in has a minimum of $15,000 then your minimums would be automatically adjusted. However, If your minimum was $15,000 and the other state had a minimum of $10,000 then nothing would change.

The only times your insurance coverage would not follow you is if you were leaving the state permanently or if you were leaving the country. It is strongly recommended that you always carry the highest amount of auto insurance that you can afford whenever possible.

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