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The National Sleep Foundation’s 2005 Sleep in America poll suggested that sixty percent of adult drivers (about 168 million adults) admit to driving a vehicle while feeling drowsy in the past year. Being drowsy doesn’t seem like a big deal to most people, but driving when you’re feeling the need for a power-nap could easily result in a car wreck.

Here’s Why:sleeping woman drowsy driving

More than one-third of adult drivers (37% for those who are curious) in the United States have actually fallen asleep behind the wheel. For real concrete numbers, that’s 103 million people who have actually caught some much-needed (but seriously terrifying) shut-eye while driving a motor vehicle.

Not to mention, 13% of those who have nodded off say they’ve done so at least once a month. WHAT? Once a MONTH?!? The study then goes on to reveal that 4% of Americans (about 11 million drivers) admit they’ve either had or nearly had a car accident due to dozing off, or being too tired to drive.

This man fell asleep at the wheel and caused a major accident when we crashed his car into a parked truck and it was all caught on the dash cam of the person who was following behind him. Other cars were passing from the other direction which means this accident could have been much worse!

One thing’s for sure, drowsy driving is a problem on American roadways! We urge you to address your feelings of sleepiness before getting behind the wheel! A power-nap, cup of coffee or energy drink is always the best policy if you’re worried about your state of awareness. Do not ever get behind the wheel if you are feeling too sleepy.

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