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Firepits and Safety Precautions in Atlanta

Sitting outside on a warm spring evening while enjoying a backyard fire can be one of life’s simpler pleasures.  There is just something about watching those flames dance that helps to calm the nerves and relax even the most stressful days.  To maintain that stress-free atmosphere it is important to be cautious about fire safety and always be prepared for the worst.

fire insurance roswellBefore you even light the first bit of kindling, you will want to prepare the area in which you are having the fire.  Check all around to see that all flammable materials are far enough away from catching fire if a spark were to fly out.  That includes leaves, papers, pine needles, fuel tanks, and anything else that could burst into flames easily.

If your fire pit is portable, make sure you place it far enough away from your home or other buildings.  Not only do you need to worry about sparks that could catch your buildings on fire, but you can risk melting your vinyl siding if the fire is too hot and too close.

Always keep a water source near the fire area in case you need it.  Water can come in handy when accidents happen.  When stoking the fire, it is not uncommon for a bit of smoldering wood to fall onto the ground.  Having water available to extinguish it before it becomes a problem is important.  Also, you will want to use the water to make sure your fire is completely out before leaving it unattended at the end of the evening.

Alway check to be sure your city has not issued a burn ban before proceeding. With the draughts lately, this is always a good idea. 

We hope you enjoy your backyard fire pit as often as you can this season.  Be sure you get the proper permits, take safety precautions and be sure to call us to find out if or how your fire pit could affect your homeowner’s insurance (especially in John’s Creek)!


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