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part of a four part series on homeowners insurance pitfalls

flood atlanta georgia

Learning that flood insurance is not part of a standard homeowners contract is a shocking revelation once your house is full of water. “So many people in John’s Creek, Roswell, Cumming, Sandy Springs, Duluth, and Alpharetta just assume that since they aren’t near a large body of water, that flood insurance isn’t necessary,” says Cindy Koegel, a Gillman Insurance Problem Solver.

“This is a huge problem for uninsured families in Atlanta, Georgia when hurricanes hit the coast many miles away.”

Coastal area homes aren’t the only ones that need flood insurance. Homes that are hundreds of miles away from the shore can sustain an exorbitant amount of damage from rainwater or ground water, especially during a bit of nasty weather. The good news is that flood insurance is not hard to get. Flood Insurance is provided under a federal program that accepts everyone who wants the coverage.

What to do:

You should first determine your flood risk by visiting the National Flood Insurance Program’s website, Other factors to consider when assessing your risk of flood include the grade of your yard and whether or not your home has a basement. These factors could make you a higher risk for flooding.

Call your insurance agent today. No, really, because there is a thirty day waiting period between the day you buy a policy and the date your coverage begins. This ensures that people don’t call for coverage once a tropical storm is already in sight, and rewards those who have held onto their coverage for the long haul.

The price of flood insurance varies, but you could pay as little as $5.00 per month for above-ground, contents-only coverage in a low risk area.


For more information, contact Cindy Koegel, a Gillman Insurance Problem Solver specializing in homeowners insurance policies. Since Cindy is not tied to one insurance carrier, she is able to create a customized homeowners policy that fits her client’s needs. Call (678) 297-7977 or get an instant quote.

This blog post is part three of a four part series on the common pitfalls in homeowners insurance. Please see our  blogs concerning Scheduling Personal Property Coverage in North Atlanta, Mold and Sewage Backup, and utilizing Replacement Cost Estimators in Georgia.