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The following legislation does NOT give Georgia residents the full Tort Reform needed to move us away from being the JUDICIAL HELLHOLE in America.  Nor will it slow down the insurance premium increases and market disruption the Georgia Trial Bar (personal injury attorneys) has made worse the past 5 years….but it’s a start!

SB 83: Holt Demand Letter Abuse/Bad Faith Bill: This bill will prevent abuse by plaintiff’s attorneys in auto cases where gamesmanship is played with lengthy demand letters designed to reject any offer from the insurer including full policy limits to pursue an excess judgment. Signed by Governor

SB 426: Limitation on Direct Action Trucking Lawsuits: This bill will limit when an insurance carrier can be directly named in a trucking lawsuit in Georgia. Previous law allowed insurance carriers to be named in 100% of trucking cases creating a prejudicial position against the insurance carrier. This bill limits when an insurance carrier can be named to instances of insolvency or bankruptcy of the motor carrier or the inability for the motor carrier or driver to be served with legal documents. Signed by Governor

HB 1114: Data Analysis for Tort Reform Act: This bill mandates the Department of Insurance to conduct a data analysis study of insurance carrier data to determine the impact of tort related issues on the insurance market in Georgia. This bill was championed by Governor Kemp and will require an initial report to be released in November of 2024. Signed by Governor

Look for Gillman Insurance Problem Solvers working with the Independent Insurance Agents of Georgia, to keep pushing for real Tort Reform which is in ALL our best interests….except Georgia’s personal injury lawyers!