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Habits of Successful PeopleDo you ever just look at a really successful person or even just someone you admire and think “How do they do that and make it look so easy?” Well there actually may be an answer to that. Or at least some habits that help them achieve their success. Here is a list of 10:

  1. Read A Lot
    • Reading between 1-3 hours a day will give you a road map of information and help you to use other successes and mistakes to make your decisions and better yourself.
  2. Organizing Lessons Learned for Future Application
    • Different people have different methods, but the general idea is that when you read something in a book that you find interesting and helpful you should write it in a place where you can always go to look. Then you can keep adding to it and can refer to it when you have forgotten something a week later.
  3. Wake Up Early
    • Getting up early isn’t easy, but a lot of successful people do it. There are all different methods and advice out there for getting out of your bed in the morning, so it’s best to find what works for you.
  4. Get Off the Couch
    • Exercise is a very important part of a successful persons life. The benefits to exercise are very extensive. It keeps your brain healthy, minimizes stress and improves memory.
  5. Train the Muse
    • Even if you don’t feel like working you have to push through it and do it anyways.
  6. Quiet Your Brain
    • Meditating is a really good way to clear your brain and calm yourself down so you don’t get as overwhelmed.
  7. Minimize Distractions by Batch Checking Emails Twice A Day
    • Tim Ferris recommends checking your email twice a day instead of reading and replying periodically all day long. Doing that is less productive than two set time slots to do so.
  8. Donate
    • This can be either donating time or money. Even if you don’t have money to give, you can still go work at a soup kitchen or volunteer in some other way.
  9. Deliberate Practice and Hard Work
    • Hard work is always going to be necessary if you want to be successful. That means never taking a short cut or anything.
  10. Don’t Break the Chain!
    • Don’t break the chain of working towards your goal and habit every day.

The best way to approach these habits is taking it one at time. Trying all ten at once can be very overwhelming. Master one then move on to the next one!

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