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The new flex lanes on southbound Ga. 400 are for a limited-time only!

Drivers are being warned not to use the additional lane space after 9:30am, as police will start ticketing drivers who do not comply.

AJC flex laneEvery morning, GA 400 hosts a traffic pile-up of metro-Atlantans coming into the city. Thus, the southbound shoulder was opened in aims to ease the congestion. However, it was never intended for 24-hour use.

Starting June 15, drivers using the flex lanes outside of the designated morning hours will be ticketed. Until then, drivers can expect a warning.

Channel 2’s cameras captured drivers using the shoulder to get around an accident last Wednesday afternoon.

The Sandy Springs Police Department reacted to the video footage by saying it plans on initiating action that will prevent drivers from using the lane outside of the allotted hours.

To avoid your “risk” of a ticket, we suggest you ONLY use the flex lane during the designated hours of 6:30am and 9:30am, Monday through Friday!