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Trulia, an online real estate engine, has been tracking where users are looking for houses and has compiled a report of the most popular searches from July to September. People living in some of the nation’s largest cities are looking at ours truly, Atlanta!moving to atlanta boxes

This is good news for us at Gillman Insurance because the more homes and families we can protect, the better! But, where will these homes be exactly?

Trulia’s chief economist, Jed Kolko suggests that, “a lot of the search behavior we see is from the central [Atlanta] metro area to some of the smaller lower-density nearby areas.”

Because houses are very affordable in metro suburbs, metro Atlanta is attracting attention.

Kolko forecasts that “Realizing that by moving to the suburbs they can buy a home, many urban dwellers will also add to this future demand as they gravitate away from big cities toward suburban and smaller metros.”

While this is great news, there is a ‘less than peachy’ side to the story. There are about 150% more searches going out than there are searches looking in our metro area.


Top searches in Atlanta come from:

1. New York

2. Washington

3. Chicago

4. Philadelphia

5. Tampa

6. Seattle

7. Athens

8. Los Angeles

9. Newark, N.J.

10. Nashville

Top searches for Atlantans go to:

1. Gainesville

2. Jacksonville

3. Athens

4. Birmingham

5. New York

6. Tampa

7. Columbus

8. Orlando

9. Los Angeles

10. Charlotte