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Rumor has it… 

President Barack Obama is going to be in Atlanta for a fundraising event Tuesday!

According to “someone in a position to know”, the AJC shares that President Obama is likely to stop by the set of “42” after the campaign fundraising event Tuesday in Midtown, Atlanta.

obamaThe movie is about Major League Baseball legend, Jackie Robinson, and how he overcame the color line while playing for the Dodgers. Filming is supposed to be wrapping up in Midtown this week.

While this special appearance is great news to Atlanta residents, our experts have one piece of advice: “Do your best to avoid the traffic!”

Yes, most Atlanta commuters realize that detours and lane closures oftentimes accompany filming. Add in the ingredients of daily Atlanta traffic AND a Presidential visit, and we’re all likely to spend a lot of extra time in our vehicles.

As always, we try to keep your life as problem-free as possible when it comes insurance… and traffic! Our experts suggest you minimize your risks of an auto accident by taking safer back-roads with less congestion and stop-and-go frustrations tomorrow. (There won’t be much working in our favor)