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close up of man hands touching tablet pc screenWhether you live in John’s Creek, Roswell, Alpharetta or Atlanta, you have to know that when it comes to the temperature in an office, the struggle is real. No matter what the thermostat reads, it seems like one employee will always be freezing while another is overheating.

While we don’t see the battle of the UP and DOWN buttons on your office’s thermostat stopping anytime soon, perhaps we’ll all start paying more attention to the IMPACT it has on productivity in the workplace, thanks to new data from the folks at heating and ventilation company Andrews Sykes. 

It should be noted that an employee’s metabolic rate, gender, clothing materials, etc.,  play a role in determining how his/her enviroment’s temperature impacts his/her overall productivity. However, it’s estimated that almost a third of all employees lose productivity because they simply aren’t comfortable in their office. And, only 24% of surveyed employees believed that their office temperature was suitable for working the entire year.

In the infographic below,  heating and ventilation company Andrews Sykes share the data they uncovered from a survey on employees and office temperature (source:

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