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You get that perfect shot every time, but are you protecting it?

You’re a professional photographer, so that means you know a thing or two about things being “picture perfect.” Have you ever thought about how insurance could complete that perfection?

APA Insurance Services logoProfessional photographers face a wide array of risks. However, like pictures, not everything is black and white. Depending on the focus of your photography, the subjects you are dealing with, and the equipment you are using, your problems differ. Fortunately [astCompanyName] can solve problems of all shapes and sizes. No problem is too small for us, no challenge is too big for us to accept.

There when you need us.

Your profession means that you likely do not have the same 9-5 routine much of the working world does. Your protection should be there for you when you need it. At [astCompanyName], our agents are there for you when you need us – that’s just the way we do things here. We believe that you should never have to face a problem alone. Your first priority should be the quality of your work, and we can handle the rest.

Whether you are photographing the hustle and bustle of Atlanta, [astStateFull] or down in Savannah for a wedding shoot, you have cameras, lenses and hardware to protect. You have you to protection. With photographer insurance, you can protect all of those things… and then some.

[astCompanyName] will work with you to assess your personal risks and insurance needs, but typically, a photographer insurance policy can include:

  • Business income coverage: To cover any losses you may incur if you have to stop working due to an insured loss.
  • General liability insurance: Protection for your employees, products and services.
  • Medical payments coverage: To cover any expenses related to medical needs as a result of an injury to others on premises you might own or rent.
  • Property coverage: To protect your building, the contents, and the landscape from loss.

At [astCompanyName], we can customize your policy to meet your needs. Depending on how you work, your needs are different – we get that. So call us at [astPhone] today and let us get to know you. Once we do, we can work together on that picture perfect policy.