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This goes out to all the non-profit organizations out there who are looking to build their community’s involvement! This year Safeco is looking to donate up to $500,000 to great causes all across the nation to emphasize how important independent agents are to their communities.

With Safeco’s Agent Giving Program, non-profits are able to increase community awareness through two options:

  1. The Make More Happen Award- By nominating or applying for this award your organization will get the chance to win one of the 33 Make More Happen Awards. The winner gets up to a $5,000 donation, a story featured on Safeco’s website, and promotional resources that will help to bring awareness to the organization’s positive impact on their community. Registration closes on May 31st, 2016 so don’t delay!
  2. Protect What Matters- If you are an organization that loves to teach and wants to support the Red Cross or your local Fire District, look no further. The Protect What Matters program allows you to either teach a class on insurance-related material or partner with the Red Cross/ local Fire District to help provide safety-related education. By doing so Safeco will donate $2,000 to your local Fire District or that particular Red Cross chapter. Registration also closes for this program on May 31st, 2016.

These are great ways to encourage people to start volunteering for your organization and shed light to the awesome work you are doing for your community! Sign up today!