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home insurance johns creek gaCCTV or closed circuit television was originally invented and used for observing places and items that were potentially unsafe for human contact. While CCTV systems have been used in home security for a long time now, recently there has been an increase in the quality along with a significant price reduction. This could be fantastic news for home owners because installing a CCTV may help deter burglars and so reduce the risk of a burglary related claim having to be made against your Georgia home insurance policy.


Modern CCTV security equipment is lighter and more compact than ever before. CCTV can scan or pan to locate suspicious activity and then zoom in and tilt to highlight the intruder’s appearance. Often CCTV cameras remain in sleep mode until movement is detected therefore keeping power usage to a minimum. Your security footage may be viewed through your personal computer, lap top computer or cell phones with an internet connection.


CCTV security systems are available in a wide range to suit most homes. The modern wireless design is often easy to install and easy to add to as your budget allows. Tell your Georgia home insurance agent about your increased security and find out if you may be eligible for a premium discount.

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