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Next time a Movie Theater attendant asks, “Did you want to watch that in 3D?” we hope you consider what that added $6 investment could really be worth before you reply, “No, thanks!”

Science reveals that the extra cash for a 3D film, verses 2D, just may be worth it! With 3D visualization comes added excitement and stimulation for a viewer, which boosts brain function and prevents brain aging.

Buzzfeed’s article, Research Says Watching 3D Movies Is Like An Energy Drink For Your Brain shares:

According to a new report, Neuroscientists Patrick Fagan of Goldsmith University and Professor Brendan Walker of Thrill Laboratory believe that watching a movie in 3D compared with regular 2D provides a temporary boost to your brains cognitive functions. Essentially, choosing to watch “San Andreas” in 3D is like “a neurological energy drink“, brah.

According to Fagan and Walker’s research, the process allows the brain to collect extra information due to the more visceral, immediate nature of 3D viewing that heightens the audience’s mental engagement in areas of the brain related to cognition. The 3D audience saw a brief 23% increase in processing abilities lasting until about 20 minutes after having watched the film, as opposed to 11% increase for the 2D audience.

From the sounds of it, 3D just might make its way into our next movie experience and take our five-star problem solving to another level! “A neurological energy drink” and heightened cognitive mental engagement for $6 extra? We’ll take it!

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