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Here it is – your insider look at the secrets certain insurance carriers don’t necessarily tell you about.
Let us say, finding an honest, reliable insurance agency that works for YOU and not for JUST ONE insurance company is as lucrative as hitting the insurance lottery. One major benefit is letting you in on little (and big) tips that will save you lots of time and $$$! This is why so many choose to work with us.

Let’s get started!

  1. Every insurance company has discounts for which you might qualify and programs in which you can participate. These can save you big bucks off your policy – but your insurance carrier might not tell you unless you ask or they’re trying to keep your business.
  2. Such discounts include: defensive driving course discounts, “Good Student Discount” for young drivers in high school or college, special “student away at school” rates given to students who attend school in another state and are rarely home driving their vehicle, bundling discounts, alarm credits, pay-in-full discount, and even telematics device discount (but watch out – some will surcharge!). Contact your Gillman Problem Solver to see which discounts you could be receiving!

  3. Did you know you have an “insurance score”? Much like a credit score (in fact – your credit store is one of the factors in determining your insurance score), your insurance score has a huge impact on your rate.

    Factors that determine your insurance score:
    • The liability limits you carry. The higher the limits you carry, the more responsible you appear – and the better your score.
    • Amount of time with insurance carrier. Yes, we have said and will always say – it’s best to shop your insurance every 3 years! But on the flip side, if you’re moving your insurance every year – this will negatively affect your insurance score.
    • Claims/moving violations. As most of you know, the number of claims and tickets you have will affect your premium, but to add insult to injury – it also reflects poorly on your insurance score.
    • Pay history: If you are chronically late on your payments – not only are you probably paying a late fee, but you’re also dropping your insurance score! Pay on time and as a result you will take advantage of lower premiums!

  6. We cannot stress this enough. Gone are the days when you will see your premiums lower each year just because you’re accident/claim free. You may have a diminishing deductible or accident forgiveness, but your premium will still generally have a steady, small increase each year. There are many reasons premiums increase every year, but it’s mainly due to more cars on the road, increased cost to repair vehicles, and more distractions while driving. Only if you get a fresh quote on your home and auto insurance will you possibly see a decrease in your premium. ATTENTION: This is anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars you could be saving every year! And if you’re with an agency like Gillman, we will shop your account every 3 years without you even having to lift a finger!! To me, this is a no-brainer.

  7. There is no one insurance company that has the “cheapest rate” for everyone!
  8. I’m sure you have seen your friends post on social media…”looking for an insurance company with the cheapest rate!!” and you will see people commenting on which company to call. But just because one company may have been the most competitive for your neighbor, does NOT mean it will be for you.

    Contact Gillman Insurance Problem Solvers BEFORE going directly to any insurance carrier! We have access to SEVERAL of the TOP-rated insurance carriers and will shop the entire market to present the most competitive option for YOU.

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