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photograph of taylor swift

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We agree with an article posted by Business Woman Media, but definitely didn’t see it coming:

 Taylor Swift can save us all thousands of dollars, thanks to her new song “Shake It Off.”

Why? Because the song summarizes the long, hard lesson that is necessary in life and business: the quicker you learn to “shake it off”, the better.

Let’s face it– there will always be “players” (competition) and “haters” (those working against you) in life and business, but by “shaking it off” and keeping your eye on the ball, you are sure to prosper!

There is one semi-shameless point, however, that we must add:

While Taylor Swift’s new song may be better at lowering therapy bills, we can save you on Georgia business insurance and Georgia home and auto insurance policies! Our local John’s Creek insurance agency represents multiple leading insurance carriers, so we can find the best coverage option(s) for you! Request a Free Proposal online at or call us at 888.869.6509!

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy Swift’s new song and “shake it off”! 😉