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No, we don’t mean your shoelaces.

We’ve all heard the phrase “tying the knot” when you are getting married; but did you know there is actually another knot that needs to be tied?

The Insurance Knot is definitely less appealing than the latter, but it still carriers loads of importance. Between choosing red velvet or chocolate flavored cake and deciding on where you will place Jim Bob and Mary Jane at the reception, sit down with your soon-to-be husband/wife and your independent insurance agent to review existing insurance coverages, and discuss what your insurance needs might be after you’ve got that ring on your finger.


Create your own insurance gumbo. What’s theirs is yours and what’s yours is theirs. Getting married means combining both lives together to create one marriage cocktail. Go over all your current policies, and your agent will help you tackle all the areas where you or your spouse are under covered and add you onto each other’s policies so there are no loopholes!

Adding & Subtracting. When you combine households you’ll be adding policies and subtracting policies like nobody’s business! So don’t overlook areas where you might need extra coverage. For example, valuable shower/wedding gifts, appraising the wedding rings.

Perks of being married. One of the advantages of being married is that you may be eligible for discounts on some policies. Your independent agent will help you compare costs and make the best decision.

Be proactive. It’s understandable that you both can hardly think of anything else besides the big day, but it’s always beneficial to be proactive. Your future is filled with many exciting possibilities like children and retirement, but don’t forget life’s curveballs. Investing in a life insurance policy can help you save for a child’s education/ retirement as well as protect you and your new family from the unexpected.

So as wedding season approaches, call Gillman Insurance and , Cindy Koegel, our personal insurance problem solver will do exactly that!— solve all your Insurance Knot problems!

“Have fun on your big day and soak in all the love and joy that a wedding brings!”