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Just when you thought app-developers had thought of everything, this story will put you in check!

A new smartphone app has exploded in popularity, suddenly threatening Angry Birds Space for the top spot in Apple’s App Store.

What is it called?! The Ugly Meter” app!ugly

(Yes, we are serious.)

What does it do? Rate your attractiveness!

(Yes, we are serious again!)

The Ugly Meter App allows users to snap an image of a person’s face while it uses it’s scanning system to identify symmetry, contours and other elements to determine how good –or bad- looking you are. In the end, it pops out a “score” on the Ugly Meter.

The numerical scores range from 1-10 and include sarcastic insults or humorous compliments to either burst or boost your ego.

The app isn’t much more than a juvenile prank and relies mostly on entertainment value. However, cyberbully activists are raising concerns about the impact of sharing potentially reputation impairing information on social media networks

For just $0.99,  you can see what this app is all about for yourself! (And, you’ll help the two Arizona app developers keep laughing all the way to the bank!)

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Because this app has caused such a social media frenzy, our Social Media expert had to pass it along!

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