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We all see them. Students post pictures of themselves celebrating their newly earned driver’s license to brag to their peers. Parents on the other hand post the same pictures but as a forewarning to all drivers to BEWARE.

If you are a parent with a new driver in the family, I know it can be a scary idea to accept. But Gillman Insurance is here to make it better!


Some tips on having a teen driver is to:

  1. Include them on an already existing policy. If they are going to share cars that you own, you may be able to save money on them by attaching them to the least expensive car.
  2. Older vehicles are your friend. Honestly, I don’t understand why some parents think it’s a smart idea to buy their teen driver a brand new 2016 Jeep Wrangler. (I mean if you’re loaded by all means knock yourself out.) Yes the car is super cool and may give your student “popularity points” but YOU’RE  the one who has to pay for it! You usually get lower rates with older/used models.
  3. Lastly, take advantage of good student discounts! Finally, their good grades account for something!!! There are some insurance companies out there that award students discounts for making AND maintaining good grades! A nice incentive if I do say so myself.

With two teen drivers herself, Cindy Koegel (our Personal Insurance Problem Solver) knows the ins and outs on how to save you TIME and MONEY! Contact her today for a quote!

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