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You are laying down in your bed, surrounded by a plush comforter, and watching your favorite late night TV show on a typical Wednesday night. Your doors are locked and the alarm is on. At that very moment, you couldn’t feel more secure.

But then, just as you turn off the television and get cozied up to your pillow, the beeping sound of your alarm system stretches into a sound of panic. Your initial thinking is that there’s a fluke in the settings, before realizing you shouldn’t jump to any conclusions.

What should you do? Who should you call? What if someone’s in your house?burglar

While alarm systems provide much relief when it comes to feeling secure, many homeowners aren’t prepared for the moment it goes off, and… they need to be!

If you haven’t prepared yourself to make this decision ahead of time, you’ll be faced with two options:

What would you choose to do?

1. Do you confront the intruder?

  • Even the most equipped homeowners (with safety course training and/or gun handling experience and permits) should consider the unknown. There’s always a chance you could be out-numbered and/or out-gunned.

2. Do you hide until authorities arrive at the scene?

  • If you have a family, it’s important to consider this ahead of time. Consider the layout of your home and where you can reside most safely. Try late-night drills so you have a better idea of how long it takes to get all of your family members where they need to be.

While this is an obvious question, it’s something we recommend you consider before this unlikely event occurs. In the heat of the moment, you aren’t able to think as strategic or rationally, and you won’t be giving yourself full advantage.

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