Secrets Some Insurance Companies Don't Want You to Know

via GIPHY Here it is - your insider look at the secrets certain insurance carriers don’t necessarily tell you about. Let us say, finding an honest, reliable insurance agency that works for YOU and not for JUST ONE insurance company is as lucrative as hitting the insurance lottery. One major benefit is letting you in on little (and big) tips that will save you lots... Read Article

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring has sprung and you know what that means? Time for Spring Cleaning! This handy checklist of exterior spring cleaning items shouldn’t take you more than a single day and is a big time and money saver in the long run. Touch Up Paint Your house paint can last a long time with minimal maintenance, but one of the simplest ways to extend that life... Read Article

No Prior Insurance or Lapse in Coverage? No problem!

Are you brand new to the world of auto insurance? Did you accidentally have a lapse in coverage? No problem! We have markets that specialize in these type of cases. They don’t call us the problem solvers for nothing! Brandon came to us last year with no prior auto insurance. To get him started, we wrote him with a carrier that will accept a client... Read Article

What To Bring To Our 9th Annual Free Shredding Event

Everyone always says that you should shred sensitive documents to reduce your risk of identity theft. but have you ever asked yourself, what exactly are “sensitive documents,” and are there some you should keep for a while before destroying them? Here's everything you should bring our 9th Annual Free Shredding Event April 20, 2019. RSVP HERE! What documents should I shred? As a rule of... Read Article

Frequently Asked Fridays: “I’m young and healthy. Why would I need life insurance?”

Adults often admit to not buying a life insurance policy because they find it too costly, and not a priority among other financial obligations. However, they tend to overestimate the cost and underestimate the importance. To put it frankly, no one expects to die – but accidents happen every day and the consequences are just TOO costly to risk losing a spouse without life insurance.... Read Article